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Awake up my glory – choral and organ music by Philip Moore

The Exon Singers directed by Matthew Owens
Susan Hamilton, soprano *
Jonathan Vaughn, organ

Regent Records REGCD315

“The choir is renowned for its committed and musicianly singing, and we hear them here in superb form……. (they) make seemingly light work of the many challenges presented. “
Organist’s Review

“The Exon Singers…….  have excellent tone quality and intonation, and they make each work sound as though it had been written expressly for them”
Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians

Philip Moore is one of the most distinguished church musicians of recent years. He was Master of the Music at York Minster from 1983 to 2008 and has composed extensively for choirs. This recording presents a selection of his larger-scale choral works, sung by the critically-acclaimed Exon Singers, together with four shorter works for organ solo.

Click here to download the PDF of published reviews of this disc.


Track listing

1. Awake up my glory
2. Salve Regina
3. O sacrum convivium
4. All wisdom cometh from the Lord
Three Pieces for Withycombe
5. 1 Prelude
6. 2 Sarabande
7. 3 Postlude
8. Thou art my life
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in B flat (The Third Service)
9. Magnificat
10. Nunc Dimittis
11. Dance-Rondo (organ solo)
12. The Song of the Roses
13. In Memoriam*
Cantate Domino & Deus Misereatur (Alternative Evening Canticles)
14. Cantate Domino
15. Deus Misereatur

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